The Apostles vs. Calvinism

"You are ... built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets"

Ephesians 2:20

Though most evangelical churches claim "the Bible is the sole rule of faith and practice," it is just not true. Like their Roman Catholic ancestors, tradition trumps Scripture every time. Obviously, evangelicals do not reject Scripture. Instead, where tradition and Scripture cross, tradition wins.

In this blog, I hope to help you set aside tradition so you can see what the Bible says for yourself. I don't necessarily want to teach you the Bible. I want to help you see it past the smokescreen of tradition.

Discipleship is better caught than taught. Most of the training done here is between the lines. 


Why Against Calvinism?

  • The issue is not TULIP, but the most foundational doctrines of the Reformation.
  • Calvinism has formed the doctrinal basis of ... almost all so called “Evangelical” churches. (ref)
  • The foundational doctrines of Calvinism directly contradict many plain statements of Scripture.
  • Evangelicals have so many difficult verses that there is a Bible Handbook of Difficult Verses.
  • If you are an evangelical, this page [link coming soon] will help you .

About Paul Pavao

Paul Pavao with book

I am a disciple of Jesus, husband, father, grandfather, author, blogger, and retired business owner. I read the Bible to find out how I am supposed to live, and I read the early church fathers to find out what the apostles' churches believed during the 250 years or so that they were united. For more, see About Me.

My Books

Bulldozer for Rebuilding the FoundationsI have written 2 book and 4 booklets, The book and three of the booklets are available wherever books are sold. My books are self-published, but they get great reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Decoding Nicea, the true story of the Council of Nicea, told from contemporary (fourth-century) sources, is my bestseller. If you are interested in how the bishop of Rome became known as the pope and tried to claim authority over all churches, Rome's Audacious Claim is the book for you. My next book will be Rebuilding the Foundations.